Enhanced Functionality of Super Chatbots

Super Chatbot stands out with its advanced capabilities, includes everything that Standard Chatbot offers plus more. Key features include:

Flexible LLM Configuration:
Choose from a variety of Language Models (LLM) including OpenAI GPT 3.5, GPT 4.0, Claude, Meta, Falcon, Mistral and more.
Tailor the chatbot to meet specific requirements and preferences.

Notification Support:
Integrates with WhatsApp, Webhooks for real-time alerts.
Seamless connection with platforms like Zapier, Albato, and IFTTT for extended functionality.

Human in Loop:
Option for human intervention in conversations for personalized handling.
Suitable for both personal use or for agents managing customer interactions.

Agent Collaboration:
Facilitates adding multiple agents to manage chatbot operations across various websites.
Enhances team coordination and efficiency in handling chatbot tasks.

Action Support:
Enables the chatbot to initiate actions during conversations.
Supports launching of Calendly links, displaying videos, and other custom actions to enrich user engagement.

Credit Limit Controls:

Allows setting credit limits to prevent overuse of resources by a single chatbot.
Ensures balanced and efficient use of chatbot capabilities across multiple applications.

Delight Your Clients and Employees.

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